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Fidia Pharma USA Inc. Announces Hymovis® Packaging Change


Dear Customer:
Fidia Pharma USA Inc. is pleased to announce that our product Hymovis® (High Molecular Weight Viscoelastic Hyaluronan), a 2-injection hyaluronic acid regimen for osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain, will soon be available for purchase in a new, convenient one syringe box in response to market requests.
This new packaging does not change the FDA approved indications for use of the product; Hymovis remains a 2-injection regimen for patients with OA knee pain, with each injection given one week apart for two weeks. Our proprietary two-injection Hymovis is the only non-crosslinked hydrogel available in the market today. Hymovis has a unique molecular design, which allows for improved lubrication and superior friction reduction on cartilage*, with an established excellent safety and tolerability profile and demonstrated long-lasting clinical effectiveness in reducing pain associated with knee OA, with only 2-injections.
We expect that the transition to single syringe packaging from the current two syringe box will take place in Third Quarter 2022 and will be available from all our current suppliers. The J-Code for Hymovis will remain unchanged (J-Code: J7322), and the Catalog No. for the single syringe box will be 89122-0496-01. Please note that the minimum order accepted will be for 2 boxes, which is consistent with a complete treatment cycle for Hymovis.
For more information on ordering Hymovis, contact your Fidia sales representative or call 844-307-7223.
For product information, please call the HYMOVIS® Hotline: 1-866-HYMOVIS (1-866-496-6847) or visit

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