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Our Culture

Our values drive our evolution every day.
A virtuos circle

Our values are at the heart of the company’s identity. By inspiring our principles, they support the competencies that characterize the work of our team, in a virtuous circle where each element helps make the others stronger and more relevant.

The people of Fidia identified our values by emphasizing what best represents our corporate culture, as well as the guiding principles and competencies that are cultivated daily in our offices all around the world.

Our values

Our values reflect who we are and what we aspire to become; they represent the cornerstone of our identity and our approach in relation to all stakeholders.

Talking and listening to each other, involving and aligning for smooth relationships and situations.

Simplicity in connections (both vertical and horizontal) and in practices, fostering the courage to innovate.

Giving and asking for help, cultivating trust and positive emotions to regenerate Fidia and make it appealing.

Cultivating accountability, autonomy, growth and pride in Fidia’s people and teams.

Our principles

These are the drivers that guide us and inspire us every day, reminding us of the importance of working together on a common mission. Our leaders are highly skilled at developing themselves, their teams, and Fidia, cultivating the well-being of all company professionals. Their focus is achieving quality in all areas, and they believe that you must not only have ideas but have to share them as well to make them a reality. Our principles combine our expertise with how we care for our team daily.

Our competencies

Every day, at every level, and in every small detail, we are what each of us does.
Because commitment and integrity are measured in terms of concrete actions, and in particular, in Fidia’s


We realign our long-term vision by seizing current developments and directing decisions toward their implementation.
We always identify key stakeholders to involve and exchange information with.
We appraise and analyze all developments in a broader context.
We anticipate the impact of actions and decisions on our business.
We elaborate multiple scenarios in order to anticipate/respond quickly to changes.


We keep a look out for new trends, opportunities and threats.
We look at matters from different points of view.
We listen to ideas, suggestions and questions, also from non-experts.
We adopt behaviors that encourage collaboration and avoid those that hinder it.
We explore various ways of doing and improving our work.


We convey our company’s guidelines and values.
We propose solutions and encourage other people to do so.
We give and ask for clear feedback to guide our own and others’ behavior.
We develop our autonomy and self-control, and that of others, in a trusting relationship.
We empower and support others to reach their highest level of performance.


We know the context in which our company operates in terms of qualitative and quantitative variables.
We evaluate the costs and profitability associated with each action and choice made.
We establish a framework for monitoring and measuring new trends, and guiding actions.
We strive to create value and see expenditures as an investment.
We always pursue the easiest, fastest and most effective path.