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Our scientists use the multiple properties of hyaluronic acid to offer applications in areas from globally prevalent diseases to those with limited treatment options.
We research to provide innovative and effective solutions to improve women’s health and their quality of life.

57% of postmenopausal women experience symptoms of vaginal dryness.1
Vaginal dryness can occur at any age due to several different causes, but it is mostly associated with a drop in estrogen levels, a condition frequent in menopausal women. Other estrogen deficiency states may affect cancer survivors, postpartum women, and those who have been taking oral contraceptives for long time. Vaginal dryness is often accompanied by other symptoms like burning, irritation, painful intercourse, post-coital bleeding, vaginal bleeding, dysuria and increased risk for recurrent vaginal infections and urinary tract infections.2-3
1 Bleibel B, Nguyen H. Vaginal Atrophy. StatPearls 2021
2 NAMS Position Statement, Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society 2020 Vol. 27, No. 9, pp. 976-992
3 Nappi R.E. et al., Climateric 2020

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