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Our global expertise and productive capability

Our productive capability involves a wide range of pharmaceutical forms – injectables and sterile lyophilisates, topical dermatology products (creams and ointments), eye drops – both single- and multi-dose – and oral solids, with diversified packaging according to the needs of our business partners.

Our hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural polymer present in the body. It has various applications in the biomedical field, from tissue engineering to drug delivery. We produce pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid, in a wide range of molecular weights and with peculiar chemical-physical characteristics, depending on the indications and the desired properties of the finished product.

Finished products

High-quality products and increasingly specialised technological know-how are the basis of our goal to become increasingly competitive global players. Our profile includes a vast range of market-ready solutions diversified into various formulations, designed to satisfy various health and well-being needs.

Vaccine production

Thanks to our expertise gained over the years, investments in industrial development and making processes more efficient, we are able to produce vaccines for human use in line with the most rigorous national and international quality regulations.

Delivery system

We have fine-tuned innovative technologies that enable the administration of pharmacologically active substances via the dermal, transdermal and oral routes.

Wet wipes

Individually packaged wet wipes for sterile and non-sterile medical applications. Our main application is sterile wipes for periocular cleansing.

Transdermal patches

This technology has been developed for the administration of medicinal products by means of absorption through the skin. Thanks to its biocompatibility with the skin, mechanical resistance and versatility, this technology is also used in the cosmetics field, as well as for developing medical devices. Fidia uses hydrophilic and anhydrous matrices

Microcapsule patches

Thanks to a special polymer resin, combined with microcapsules containing essential oils, Fidia has developed dermo-compatible scented patches with fragrance that is effective long term.


Semi-solid matrix able to contain a high quantity of water that, when evaporated, releases active substances, with a refreshing effect on the skin treated.

Orodispersible film (ODF)

Hydrosoluble film able to contain edible or pharmaceutical substances, which dissolves in the mouth, for faster absorption.

Protective ODF film for the oral mucosa

ODF film, which may contain hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, provides a protective and reparative action for the oral mucosa due to its filmogenic properties.

Medical film (TDF)

Alginate-based film for the production of sterile bio-interactive dressings, ideal for release of active substances (for example, hyaluronic acid and/or antimicrobial agents) and to maintain the wound in a moist environment, thanks to an in situ gel formulation.