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We aspire to improve people’s quality of life

This makes us proud

Contributing to improving the quality of life of people who want to continue to devoting themselves to their passions.

We are constantly evolving as a company

We continuously set ourselves new goals. We research and develop new products to fully meet the challenges of health and well-being, thanks to our people and our ideas.



Direct Sourcing Manager (Italy)

Being in contact with almost all company departments allows me to have a broad vision of the flows that affect my area of work. It has helped me understand how my work fits into the company, which is always striving to sharpen its competitive edge



Deputy QPPV (Italy)

At Fidia you feel supported, which allows you to take on new challenges and grow. The work is inspiring and every day presents new challenges and achievements


Values, competencies and principles become daily actions shaping our corporate identity; aimed at achieving and preserving the well-being of all people, both ours and those who come in contact with us.

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Evolving to flourish

We are convinced that Fidia’s development happens through evolution at a personal level.
We strive every day with projects, challenges, pathways to personal development and ongoing training to hone our specific skills.

A group with a strong international presence

We are a dynamic company. We broaden our horizons and open up new pathways in international markets, launch new products, and experiment with new approaches.

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Diversifying our Group expertise.



Financial Planning & Analyst

“We analyse past and present financial and commercial data and observe current business performance to identify the latest trends and feed this back into the company (HQ or the local organisation). This gives us a comprehensive vision of company trends, as well as helping us to collaborate on different tasks and acquire new skills”

Why work with us

Fidia is a company that offers opportunities for growth and success.



Medical Representative

Here everyone is allowed to have their voice heard: being a self-starter who can make a positive and helpful contribution is welcomed and greatly appreciated.



QA CMO Vaccines Manager

My line manager gives me lots of support and the management are always friendly and welcome ideas from the sales team.
I have seen the impact my work can make at national level.



Medical Representative

I would advise an aspiring young talent to work at Fidia because it is a company that has everything: manufacture, supporting offices, research, regulatory affairs, marketing and both national and international sales.



Accounting Senior Specialist

Full supply chain

We closely follow all stages of our production, from research and development to starting materials, to packaging, to provide doctors, pharmacists and patients with innovative and safe products.

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Growing together

We wish to construct a collaborative goal-oriented working environment that supports the development of our people and we strive to achieve this every day.